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Tobacco Dock

Working with the team at Tobacco Dock events centre in London we produced high-quality visuals of a their new concept to help sell the ideas internally and demonstrate to customers what’s coming soon.


virtual prototyping 

Virtual prototyping is going to become mainstream and demanded by all design teams in the future. M&S have embraced this and trialled it on their new checkout configurations allowing them to speed up their design process and reduce costs at the same time.


Skylight bar

Our client needed to show their new concept to investors to gain support for the project, we delivered high quality images to achieve this.



Working closely with the team at Primark, we have helped develop and land new coffee shop concepts. These were supported by

full virtual walk throughs for all the stages of the project, taking a concept and making it real. The

work process allowed us to de-risk going straight to production with only a partial physical prototype,

allowing the process to happen faster.



This project helped demonstrate to both planners, its neighbours and potential customers the look and feel of the planned care home. We developed a real-time walk through and used this to give a virtual tour of the new home. 

Jd sports

JD wanted to test their thoughts and assumptions with a virtual prototype before committing to a full prototype. the virtual model saved time and money enabling a right first time delivery.


leeds office

We created a virtual real-time 3D model of a proposed office development in Leeds to help gain more understanding of the layout and flow of the offices

rest rooms

We built a fully immersive 3D environment to help a client sell in a high end fit out for a luxury office. 

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